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Business Partners

SmartAgeTM has international leader firms’ franchises with its business line and maintains business development activities on this topic.

Representative of training and certification programs in the area of forecasting which are developed by Delphus Inc.

Operates the sales and support services of high speed camera systems via being representative of NAC Inc.

Operates the sales and support services of optical tracking systems, high speed digital and film cameras which are product of PhotoSonics Co. The detailed information of PhotoSonics Co. can be obtained via this link:

Operates via being representative of the sales and technical support services of TrackEye, Image Processing and Camera Control Software which are belong to Image Systems AB. The detailed information of Image Systems AB can be obtained via this link:

Turkey representative of Integration software platforms, which are product of Fiorano Co.


    Corporate Business Solutions

Bringing the idea in business

to create smarter solutions

    Risk Management

    Strategy Management

    Corporate Performance Management

    Quality Management

    Integrated Management

    Process Management

    Value Management

    Information Security Management

    Information Management System

    Intellectual Capital Management

    Innovation and Technology Management

    Adaptation to Global Principles Governance

    Measurement and Assessment

    Forecast and Foresight



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