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SmartAgeTM Training Services

SmartAge provides training services to its customers need trainings to achieve their objectives as confidential by the means of develop management systems.

The training courses are offered as

  • in-class training

  • hands-on training

  • on-site training

  • distant/ online training

  • workshops

  • sector-specific

  • corporate-specific

and  include case studies, best and worst practices.

Preliminary works are made before corporate-specific courses.

Instructors have a theorical, practical, technical knowledge and capabilities.

    Training Subjects

  • Demand Forecasting

  • Enterprise risk management (ERM), comply with ISO 31000 and COSO ERM

  • Enterprise risk assessment, comply with ISO 31010

  • Information security risk management comply with ISO 27005

  • Stochastic risk analysis for business

  • Integrated risk and strategy management, comply with COSO ERM, ISO 31000 and Balanced Scorecard

  • Strategy development via game theory

  • Technologic innovation strategic management

  • Corporate performance management and Balanced Scorecard

  • Project risk management comply with ISO 31000 and PMBOK

  • Risk based Business Process Management

  • Advanced Quality Management

  • Supply chain management, Demand Forecasting and SCOR Model

  • Integrated Enterprise risk and occupational and health and security risk management, comply with ISO 31000 and ISO 18001

  • Business Process Maturity Models

  • Integrated enterprise and environmental management, comply with ISO 31000 and ISO 14001

  • Risk assessment workshops

  • Strategy development workshops

Training Programs

Smarter Demand Forecasting Workshop

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