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SmartAge works with a strategy to improve its’ abilities via collaborating strongly with national and international firm and organizations. The collaboration targets are come into effect in a planned way. The collaborations are advanced with the leader software firms in global market.


SmartAge works in cooperation with universities and research centres to develop innovative and unique business solutions.


SmartAge collaborates with public institutions as interdisciplinary and project-based ways in the areas that required new solutions in Turkey.


SmartAge cooperates with non-governmental organizations which undertake a mission regarding the development of national industry.


    Corporate Business Solutions

Bringing the idea in business

to create smarter solutions

    Risk Management

    Strategy Management

    Corporate Performance Management

    Quality Management

    Integrated Management

    Process Management

    Value Management

    Information Security Management

    Information Management System

    Intellectual Capital Management

    Innovation and Technology Management

    Adaptation to Global Principles Governance

    Measurement and Assessment

    Forecast and Foresight


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