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SmartAge Engineering Solutions is founded for studying on the integration of Imaging Systems & RFID Systems, providing custom solutions in each field. SmartAge Engineering Solutions is offering a variety of products and services to a broad range of clients with a specialist crew of engineers, as getting stronger with an increasing number of international partnerships.SmartAge Management Technologies and Consultancy is an engineering and consultancy company which was founded in February 2006 with an advanced and innovative vision and base on over 20 years of experience. It is provider of innovative and value added business and engineering solutions to a broad range of Turkish Market. The overall aim of SmartAge business and engineering solutions is to develop sustainable competition of its customer. Its business solutions are Management systems (risk, strategy, performance, supply chain, quality) of designing, developing, implementing, improving, re-engineering provide to customers as based on processes and effectively. It also offers strategic analysis, corporate risk analysis and assessment, predictive analysis and modelling, IT vulnerability assessment, corporate self assessment base on EFQM Model, modelling according to maturity models (CMMI, SCOR etc.). Furthermore, its engineering solutions include IT system integration, software development and imaging solutions. The innovative technologies are an inseparable part of SmartAge business and engineering solutions. In the near future, RFID business and engineering solutions are going to be one of SmartAge core activities. It implements partnerships of international leader companies in Turkey.

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CCD Cameras Product Sales
High Speed Cameras System Integration
Optical Tracking Products Product User Training
Lenses and Peripherals System User Training
Motion Analysis Software

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Timing and Recording Units Technical Consultancy
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