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Our Vision

To become a firm which presents rational, innovative, institution-specific, world class business and engineering solutions services, and creates added value to national economy in order to prepare its corporate customers to the future and to establish continuous success.

Our Mission

Presenting rational and reliable solutions that are valid on a global scale to its public and private sector customers; who aim to be ready for future, to perpetuate the success, to create residual added value to its partners, to do more efficient and active work and to give the right decision in order to improve their management systems and product qualities.

Our Values

The business ethics and principles which are integral parts of SmartAge’s corporate business solutions services;

  • Always to be a reliable solution partner by created added-value, service quality, and sustainability,

  • In any case making no compromising of codes of ethics,

  • Maintaining the confidentiality of private, commercial and strategic information of customer,

  • Presenting radical and innovative solutions,

  • Making customer-oriented business,

  • Being a pioneer in innovative business solutions,

  • Offering conscious and sustainable solutions starting from the concepts,

  • Developing institution-specific solutions,

  • Offering value-added services on a national scale.

Our Objectives

Creating successful businesses and products of the future, making more efficient and effective business and better quality products and services to SmartAge customers;

  • To strengthen their global competitiveness abilities,

  • To improve their abilities to manage the uncertainty and variability,

  • To institutionalize the future-oriented management,

  • To provide more accurate decision-making,

  • To ensure preventing the interruption of sustainable success by managing the risks,

  • To ensure they are appropriate and available to current regulations and standards,

  • To be a reliable solution partner for achieving the level of success they were aiming,

  • To contribute to the sustainable success by developing appropriate solutions for changing economic conditions,

  • To provide sector and institution specific business solutions,

  • To strengthen the management ability by improving measurement, analysis and assessment abilities,

  • To contribute to the training of human resources in management systems,

  • To create public awareness about new and advanced management approaches, models and techniques in parallel with changing management paradigms.

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